10 Items to Help You Organize and Eliminate Clutter

Some of us can’t stand clutter. Entangled cables make us nervous. Messy desks make us miserable. Stray papers, unlabeled containers, and littered cars make us scream to the skies. And don’t get us started about the crowded, chaotic battery drawer. Don’t let massive disorganization be your one-way ticket to a nervous breakdown. Surely one or several of these 10 organizational, de-cluttering accessories can restore you into an ordered peace of mind.

Call It By Its Name | Bathroom Labels

These pre-written labels help home organizers stay sane without needing a Sharpie. Perfect for bathrooms suffering in anonymity, these 123 labels name items in home storage with a funky, fun script. Peel these labels off and apply them to baskets, bottles, drawers, or unfamiliar children. Some of this gift’s greatest hits include “hand sanitizer,” “conditioner,” “cotton swabs,” “hair clips,” “mouth rinse,” and the deliberately vague “hers.” Within minutes you’ll feel confident and secure about your inventory.

Stop Stumbling in the Dark | Bedside Storage Organizer

Forget about groping in the dark of your bedroom for eyeglasses or the remote control. This bedside caddy drapes off the side of your bed, with room for most items you’re likely to need while in repose. It can accommodate everything from hand lotion and prescription drugs to smartphones and tablets. It comes in an array of unobjectionable colors to match your bedroom decor. You can also use it with chairs, sofas, desks, or tables if you prefer to sleep on a straw mat.

Take Charge | Hercules Tuff Charging Station for Multiple Devices

This device-charging station is named after a Roman god, so you know you’re playing with power. Literally. The Hercules Tuff station charges up to six smartphones, e-readers, or tablets with USB, Type C, or Apple cables. It keeps all devices stacked together in a small space. Say goodbye to plugging all your devices into a power strip with individual chargers and spaghetti-like cables cluttering your desk. This charging bank is available in different combinations of charging ports, so you have no excuse for not summoning Herc.

When “12345678” Isn’t Enough | Password Directory

You need passwords for everything these days. Retail sites, worksites, music players, social networks, and speakeasies take security very seriously. The safer you want to be, the more complex, difficult, possibly obscene your passwords need to be. Keep them all straight with this password organizer. It relies on the time-honored method of pen and paper, so you can keep your user IDs and passwords straight. Don’t worry if you can’t remember the name of your first pet, the street you grew up, or your children’s birthdays.

Party in the Back | Car Net Pocket Handbag Holder

It’s shockingly easy how the family car can turn into an unmonitored recycling bin. Leave passengers and children to their own devices and your floor or backseat vanishes. That all ends now with this suspending car organizer. Hang it off your car’s front seats and fasten the buckles. Then load it up with children’s toys, pet toys, water bottles, food, electronics — just about anything your backseat passengers need to keep occupied. They’ll be able to find everything. And you won’t have to worry about a stuffed animal getting between your foot and the brake pedal.

Sympathy for the Cable | Party Zealot Cable Management Box

Loose cables are going to be the strangling, foot-tripping death of us all. Stave off the invasion with the Party Zealot box. Available in two sizes, it stores all your most intrusive power cords and connector cables away from sight. It can even hold power strips and surge protectors. The Party Zealot box arrives with 100 zip ties to bind wires together, so they don’t become a depressing mess. If the back of your TV or computer looks like an understaffed switchboard, this box is your salvation.

Reclaim Your Desk Space | Acrylic Desk Organizer

Has your desk turned into the island of misfit paper clips? Are your pens and pencils too close for comfort? Is your stapler in an unhealthy relationship with your scissors? Put your foot down on desktop anarchy with this acrylic desk organizer. This small unit with tiny shelves and partitions holds a deceptively large number of desktop accessories. Sticky pads rest comfortably in a back well. Thumbtacks, rubber bands, and paper binders gather in small, organized clusters. Writing styluses and glue sticks get their own apartments. Everybody and everything is deliriously happy.

Joy-Sparking 101 | The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying

Marie Kondo is an organizing superstar. She hosted her own Netflix show about clearing out household items that do not “spark joy.” She’s a combination of Zen master, sorting machine, and relationship counselor. Marie outlines her philosophy in the best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This unassuming volume has helped 9 million book buyers reclaim their personal power by telling socks, board games, and unworn scarves exactly where they can go.

Put a Label on It | DYMO MobileLabeler Label Maker

Anyone who says “I don’t like labels” has never tried the DYMO MobileLabeler. It’s a Bluetooth-powered, label-stamping beast that lets you create custom labels from your electronic device. Just load the DYMO app on your smartphone or tablet, turn the MobileLabeler on, and dream up some categories. The box will begin spitting out reams of adhesive, informational might. You can make labels in varied colors or fonts. The app also comes with a spellchecker in case you mistype phrases like “invoices,” “expenses,” “documents,” or “visiting relatives.”

Daddy’s Home | Ontel Battery Daddy

When your loose battery situation reaches a critical point, you need more than an organizer — you need a father figure. That’s when the Ontel Battery Daddy comes into your life. This suitcase-like container holds batteries of all kinds: AA’s, AAA’s, C’s, D’s, 9-volt, and coin cells. Not only will it keep your batteries straight, but it will also maintain proper storage procedures so they don’t drain power. The package even includes a battery tester in case some batteries need to be escorted away. The Battery Daddy: All the organizing potential of human dads, with none of the terrible jokes.