10 Great Accessories and Gadgets for Gardeners

Gardening is a peaceful, contemplative activity that helps calm the spirit and focus the mind. It’s communion with the earth, reinforcing our connection and interdependence with nature in ways that pottery-making and auto repair simply cannot. If you or someone you know has a serious case of green thumbs, these ten accessories and gadgets can make their gardening experience easier, smarter, and pest-free.

Clothes Make the Mulch | Hongzer Gardeners Apron

Don’t walk into your garden in just a T-shirt and sweatpants — you’ll be wholly under-prepared to take on those aphids. Get yourself this deluxe, unisex apron designed for countless afternoons of weed-pulling and mulching. This vision in canvas has a pocket for every gardening implement on your person and is confidently secured with plastic buckles that mean business. This Hongzer special, we’re confident, is the Cadillac of gardening aprons. There, we said it.

How Your Garden Grows | My Gardening Journal

This is more than a record-keeper for your gardening activities: It’s a virtual blueprint for building a healthy, high-yield home garden. Make your seasonal goals, lay out your garden set-up, keep inventory, manage your compost bin, keep a tool checklist, track what animals and insects are attacking your vegetation, and so much more. Spread throughout this journal’s pages are hints about regional climate, charts showing which vegetables can be grown together, and a few inspirational messages to keep you going when all seems lost.

Rodent Torture | Mole Repellent 4 Pack

Moles, voles, gophers, groundhogs, and other delinquent rodents can ransack your garden and burrow your growing dreams six feet underground. Keep them firmly in their place with this set of four solar-powered repellent stakes. Insert these waterproof, corrosion-resistant spikes at scattered points in your garden or lawn. They emit a series of sound pulses and vibrations that no self-respecting garden pest is going to ignore. Within two to four weeks, your garden or lawn will be free from their reign of furry terror. They also work on snakes.

Herbs of the Pods | Click and Grow Smart Garden

This ingenious, concentrated grower helps you raise a thriving, healthy plant indoors with the power of pods. Throw some concentrated, “smart soil” growing pods into the well and add water at regular intervals. A bank of LED lights helps nurture your herb in its journey toward reality. The Click And Grow has a smart timer and the ability to water itself. Within just a few weeks you’ll have a robust plant that you can consume at your leisure. It comes with some basil pods; you can also get cilantro, strawberries, thyme, chili peppers, and many more.

The Classic Resource | The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2021

For nearly 230 years, agriculturists and the overly curious have relied upon The Old Farmer’s Almanac to plan their growing adventure for the year. It’s provided astonishingly accurate weather forecasts, astronomical happenings, fishing advice, home remedies, and no small amount of heartland humor to millions of people looking for tips on horticulture, gardening, and animal husbandry. The 2021 edition doesn’t disappoint, with its insights on trends, climate, nature, and down-home recipes for the rustically inclined.

Now This — This is a Knife | Nisaku NJP650 Hori-Hori Weeding & Digging Knife

Not just any blade can be a weeding and digging knife. It’s got to have a serrated edge, a solid wood handle, an engraved ruler to show plant depth, and no patience for hesitation. Those are all traits the Nisaku Hori-Hori knife has in droves. It’s 7½ inches of remorseless, Japanese solid steel, and it’s the ideal carver for your flower bed, garden, lawn spots, landscape features, or other untamed ground.

It’s pHantastic! | PentaBeauty Soil pH Meter

Don’t let your garden fall victim to the scourge of bad soil. Keep tabs on its health with this all-in-one soil test kit, which will run your planting dirt through a gauntlet of moisture and pH tests to ensure its continued viability. The PentaBeauty grades soil’s light, humidity, and pH content, offering up compelling results as quickly as ten seconds. The easy-to-understand, three-way meter tells the story in clear, unambiguous detail. It can help your soil improve until it passes every kind of test, except the essay portion.

Rays of Hope | Homitt Programmable Plant Grow Light

Plants need as much light as they can get to grow properly, but sometimes the sun simply doesn’t feel like cooperating. Or perhaps the plants in question are indoors, away from constant sources of light. Whatever the case, this 4-head, LCD-display growing light will make all those concerns mere bumps in the road. It’s got four different lighting modes to account for whatever situation or mood your plants are in, and a compliant gooseneck handle for any arrangement you require. It’s also programmable, with an easily set timer for switching to different lighting modes. Wherever your garden grows, it will see the light.

Extra! Extra! | Creamore Mill Paper Pot Press

You can never have too many pots for your garden. But heavy terracotta planters, dinky plastic boxes, and unsightly, ripped-apart milk jugs may be too much for a multi-crop gardener to contend with. More and more gardeners are turning to the media — old newspapers, specifically — to make surprisingly effective plant pots. This “pot press” makes forming a recycled newspaper plant pot almost laughably easy. It will keep roots from competing plants from running into each other, and the newspaper eventually biodegrades in the soil for non-existent clean-up.

Garden Quackery | Spotted Wellies Garden Ducks

When it comes to creating a garden ambiance, that certain je ne sais quoi that makes all the top gardens in the world, you simply can’t beat a posse of wooden ducks. This family of three extroverted but motionless ducks is as solid and dependable a set of fake aquatic waterfowl as you’re likely to find. Situate them anywhere in your garden to add character and panache to your garden, and to drive your more suspicious house pets utterly out of their minds. The ducks are outfitted with polka-dot boots because exposed webbed feet aren’t “in” this year.