10 Cool Car Gadgets and Accessories

Your car is much more than a vehicle to get you from one place to another. It’s a room of its own. It’s a mobile office. It’s a cafeteria. It’s a karaoke room. It’s a confession booth. With all the roles the modern car must fulfill, it needs to be properly accessorized with items that make driving, caring for, and living in it as easy as you can. Here are 10 gadgets, devices, or objects that will do just that.

Junk in your Trunk | Honey-Can-Do Folding Car Trunk Organizer

If your car trunk is anything like ours, it’s got a whole mess of auto care equipment, clothes, beach toys, disposable coffee cups, historical documents dating back to the American Revolution, and other detritus scattered all over. The mess is embarrassing, frankly. But it’s easily corralled with this very handy organizer. It’s built to carry heavy car accessories like jumper cables and vital fluid containers, with lots of volume and mesh side pockets for secure, clean, calm-inducing storage.

Get the Whole Picture | Ampper Blind Spot Mirror

Side-view mirrors have their limitations. They’re fine for showing what’s behind your car in an adjacent lane, but they don’t show those items sneaking up right against your carriage — things like veering motorcycles, bicycle messengers, or tailgaters with no sense of boundary. This product attaches to your side mirror at an angle so that it reveals everything that’s happening in this very common “blind spot.” It’s fully adjustable with 360-degree rotation, giving you a complete view of your surroundings your side mirror just can’t manage on its own.

A Foam-Filled Ride | ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion

Memory foam is something we’re curiously evangelistic about. In bed mattresses, memory foam conforms to the shape of your entire body for all-enveloping, comfortable sleep. ComfiLife has now extended this concept to your car seat (or office chair, home furniture, etc.) with this ergonomic cushion. It surrounds your delicate tailbone in high-density memory foam bliss. It can even offer some measure of relief of back pain, or any kind of uncomfortable condition that arises from sitting down all the time, except boredom.

A Vehicle Venti | Handpresso Hybrid Auto Set

For far too long, drivers have suffered through the sordid inequity of not being able to make espresso while they drive. It’s right up there with being unable to deep-fry popcorn shrimp, conduct an orchestra, and make a quilt on the road. The Handpresso nips the espresso conundrum, at least, right in the bean. Just plug it into your 12-volt charger, push a button, and soon you’ll have two shots of pre-loaded espresso ready for on-the-go consumption. Bypass that gas-station espresso hut — you’ve brought your own.

You Lose, Sofa Cushion | Tile Mate Bluetooth Key Finder

Lost car keys have been the source of way too many self-contained emotional breakdowns. It’s an indignity we all suffer at some point. The healing power of Bluetooth comes to the rescue with this tracking device, perfect for car keys or a similarly sized everyday object. Just attach a tracker to your key chain and install the accompanying smartphone app. Not only will the tracker tell you where your keys are, but it’ll also tell you where they’ve been, so you can trace where everything went wrong in the first place.

Power Up | AINOPE Dual USB Car Charger

Contemporary automobiles are more than just simple conveyance devices. They’re also mobile electric power plants. They harness the subtle power of USB cables to bring your phone and tablet back from the dead. The latest AINOPE car charger, however, leaves all previous USB chargers in the dust. It has two USB slots that can fast-charge two separate devices — most other USB chargers can’t even fast-charge one. It’s small, it’s LED-lit, it’s got a positive attitude, and it fits into just about any cigarette lighter slot you can throw at it.

Meals on Wheels | Cutequeen Steering Wheel Eating Tray/Laptop

Have you tried eating lunch in your car lately? If so, you’ve dealt with the disgrace of smooshed French fries lodged between seat cushions, overfilled sodas leaking onto your dash, or not being able to cut your beef Bourguignon into precise slices. Cutequeen flies to the rescue with this eating tray that you can attach to your steering wheel, so you can have a useable surface for your on-to-go meal or laptop. We advise, quite strongly, only using this handy device when your car is parked.

Under Pressure | TPMS Solar Power Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Checking your tires’ air pressure is an absolute must so you don’t go skidding on icy paths or lose fuel efficiency. But it’s also a drag to walk around your car, sticking each tire’s air valve with that stick-shaped gauge that’s hard to read. That’s why you need this digital tire pressure monitor, which works with either solar power or USB charging. It gives you a full P.S.I. report on each one of your wheels along with, for some reason, its current temperature.

Sober Up | BACtrack Element Breathalyzer

First off:  Don’t drink and drive. Seriously. If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you’ve had a few too many but need to get home, you need this handheld breathalyzer to gauge whether it’s even a little safe to get behind the wheel. BACtrack works with police departments to provide devices like this one, so you can assume it’s a reliable piece of hardware. If you’ve already made the decision to down a few piña coladas, make the next decision much more sound by checking with this gadget.

Where’ve You Been? | Crosstour Dash Cam

They say travel is its own reward. But what if you want to relive your experience driving to the Quik-Mart, your local casino, or the Yukon Territories later? Just do it all over again? Of course not. Instead, record the whole trip with this dash cam and enjoy the journey in the privacy and immobility of your own home. The Crosstour cam does more: It’s also a parking monitor, a motion detector, and a security assistant, with excellent, clear night vision. Plus, it will clearly show that the accident you’ve just had was the fire hydrant’s fault.