5 Things You Need To Watch The Solar Eclipse

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Total. Solar. Eclipse. On August 21st, 2017 the sunny skies spanning the length of entire United States, with a vertical width of about 70 miles, will plunge into sudden, abrupt darkness… for slightly less than 3 minutes (thank you NASA).  We all hopefully know that we shouldn’t look directly into the sun. It doesn’t feel great and can also casually ruin your vision forever. But don’t be fooled. Even while the entire sun is blocked, the sun’s corona — or outer most layer (thank you again NASA) is still visible — and it will still damage your eyes just the same.

But I want to look!” you say. Well we have good news for you—there are many ways you can view the wonders of our solar system with the help of these 5 great solar safe finds from price.com!


The classic. They’ll never go out of style because they already have been since conception.  But you know what is in style? Not going blind. These are almost exclusively sold in bulk so make sure you have friends before buying.


Just like glasses but they can help you see even closer. We found you a pair of binoculars that are safe to use while watching the eclipse. If you’re trying to reduce waste, these can also be used at concerts or sporting events to add an ominous dark tint to your experience. 😉

Welder’s Glass

If you weld frequently, you might have this lying around. If not, its sleek minimalist design is compelling and definitely worth your consideration. That said, choosing the right welder’s glass for you can get a little tricky…

Disclaimer: Your glass must be rated at least shade-12 to be safe. Anything above shade-14 and you won’t see much at all. Shade-13 is hard to find. But if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd it’s definitely worth the effort.


You may recognize this magnifying device from films such as Golden Eye, Gravity, and Contact. For the uninitiated, a telescope is similar in function to binoculars. Of all the options on this list, a telescope will make things look the biggest and we found a great solar safe option for your eclipse viewing enjoyment!  

Solar Filter Sheet

Who doesn’t love to accessorize? Maybe you already have non-eclipse-safe binoculars, telescope, or perhaps even a fancy DLSR camera that you just NEED to use. Grab yourself a solar filter sheet and apply it to the device of your choosing (camera, telescope, binoculars).  Take special care to make sure it is applied securely.  In addition to damaging your own eyes, you won’t have much to show those who retained their vision as your camera will have a tough time getting that perfect shot without it.



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