10 Gifts that Foodies are Sure to Appreciate

Tired of getting your foodie friends and family gift cards to their favorite restaurants every year? Give them something they’ll use again and again, all while appealing to their tastebuds! Whether they have an acquired pallet or enjoy cooking up everything under the sun, these gifts are sure to make them say, “Let’s eat!”

So many pastabilities | Foodie Dice®

Let your foodie take a chance with the Foodie Dice. No matter their cooking skills, the Foodie Dice will challenge their creativity and help them have fun in the kitchen. Each meal plan begins by rolling five dice to find their next creation featuring a protein, grain or carb, herb, bonus ingredient, and cooking method. The Foodie Dice also come with four seasonal veggie dice, so they’re not only mixing things up, but also keeping it fresh. Additionally, the protein dice have both meat and veggie options to allow for dietary restrictions. The perfect date night idea, these dice help spice up a foodie couple’s next meal!

Food love is pho real | Mappinners The Greatest 100 Foods of The World Scratch Off Travel Print

If you’ve got an adventurous foodie on your hands, you know that they discover the world through cuisine! Prepare your food-lover for their post-pandemic food parade with this scratch-off print from Mappiners. Hiding gorgeous illustrations of their favorite foods, the scratch off squares invite a traveling foodie to find the best cuisine in the area and keep a record of their discoveries. Ideal for on-the-go, their favorite new travel accessory comes with a convenient case. From paella in Spain to ramen in Japan, this print will be sure to act as a helpful guide in any traveler’s quest for the best cuisine on Earth!

Meat your heart out | Barbuzzo BBQ Branding Iron and Dinosaur Meat Claws

Know a voracious barbeque fan? Let them put their name on their handiwork with the Barbuzzo BBQ Branding Iron and dig up some legendary recipes with the Dinosaur Meat Claws. Unexpected but incredibly useful, the Barbuzzo Dinosaur Meat Claws are the ideal tool to help them really dig into their meal. Beyond being fun to use, the Meat Claws easily shred, cut, and serve their barbeque and can even lift an entire chicken, turkey, or brisket without the wobbly mess of forks or tongs. Heat resistant to 500 degrees and dishwasher safe, these handy kitchen claws are tougher than their namesake!

We’ve got beef | Foodie Fight: A Trivia Game

Let your foodie strut their stuff with this exciting trivia game. With other 1,000 questions, Foodie Fight is the perfect way to get the good times going. From celebrity chefs to food history to famous regional dishes, this is the time to battle it out and discover who has the lowdown on high-quality food knowledge.

Spice things up | Nando’s PERi PERi Hot Sauce Foodies Flavor Pack

Tired of debating whether to get them the Jelly of the Month (again)? Try out this spicy and exciting gift for your topping afficionado instead! These hot sauces from the widely loved UK chain, Nando’s, are sure to heat things up for your food-lover. With delicious and unique flavors like coconut and lemon, you’re providing flavor for every meal. Keto-friendly, low carb, Whole 30, kosher, and vegetarian-friendly, the peppers and ingredients that go into Nando’s sauces are ethically grown in Mozambique, so you can be sure that your health-conscious and socially conscious chefs are using only the best.

We’re gouda together | Home Euphoria Natural Bamboo Cheese Board and Cutlery Set

Help them take their charcuterie combinations to the next level with the Home Euphoria Natural Bamboo Cheese Board and Cutlery Set. Made from 100% bamboo and featuring a slide-out drawer to hold their cheese-specific utensils, this is a great gift for foodies who love to entertain (or finish a whole charcuterie board themselves – who doesn’t?). With little grooves to hold grapes that insist on rolling and enough space to display ample amounts of food while still looking fancy, this cheese board also comes with two wine glasses that remind you to do your “Wine Aerobics,” complete with picture instructions sure to get a laugh.

Wrap it up | Jorbest Burritos Tortilla Blanket

The ideal blanket for foodies who like to stay cozy, the Jorbest Burritos Tortilla Blanket is a larger-than-life round blanket that allows the user to become a burrito themselves! Made with extra-soft flannel and eco-friendly, fade-resistant dyes, you can be sure that this blanket will be the perfect couch companion for years to come. The Burritos Blanket 2.0 is double-sided, meaning your favorite foodie can wrap themselves in complete tortilla comfort while they munch on their favorite snack.

Call me old fashioned | Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

Books are a classic gift, and this one has a special twist for your food and drink afficionado (who just might happen to enjoy a literary adventure). Tequila Mockingbird is the ultimate drink destination for foodies who enjoy reading-based fun! With a Tequila Mockingbird bartender’s jigger and two cocktail stirring sticks, you’ll find 15 delicious drinks filled with puns from some of your foodie’s literary favorites.

Really a fungi | Back to the Roots Organic Mini Mushroom Grow Kit

Whether they have a green thumb or can hardly keep their houseplant alive, the Back to the Roots Organic Mini Mushroom Grow Kit is the perfect gift. Organic and non-GMO with the ability to grow year-round with minimal care, this is not only the perfect addition to any food-lover’s fresh dishes, it’s a great choice for foodie teachers. As part of the Grow One Give One campaign, all your foodie has to do is share a picture of their mushrooms on social media, and a kit will be donated to a classroom!

A colorful plate | A Cozy Coloring Cookbook: 40 Simple Recipes to Cook, Eat & Color

Got a stressed foodie? Keep things calm and delicious by gifting them an adult coloring book full of delicious recipes they’ll be sure to try out! Coloring as they cook, they’ll find feel-good foods like pizza for breakfast and delicious tarts that will allow them to explore their creative side through color and cooking.