10 essential items for dog lovers

Dogs are truly humankind’s best friend. They come when we call them. They instill 100% of their loyalty in us, even when we don’t deserve it. They nurture and protect families with the fierceness of a soldier and the watchful eye of a mall cop. And they’ll never embarrass you on social media or “forget” to call you because “my phone is dead.” With all the selfless service dogs provide, it’s only fair that they are cared for, pampered, and trained with utmost devotion and love, or else they’ll turn on us. Here are ten items that any dog will drool over, partially because they drool all the time.

Risk-reward | Nina Ottosson Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toy

Teach your dog that there’s no free lunch with this combination of puzzle game and treat feeder. Hide a tasty morsel within an enclosed space, the opening of which is controlled by a paw-friendly handle. Watch your dog manipulate the handle to get the door open, thereby revealing the treat, which the dog can then eat. The Pavlovian overtones of this device are staggering.

Mats of heaven | Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mat

Leave these mats untouched, and they won’t attract much attention from your dog. But smear them with peanut butter and they become instant Shangri-La’s that dominate your dog’s senses. They’ll lick the mats obsessively, scraping after each tasty morsel like quarters on a sidewalk. In turn, your dog will passively massage their teeth and gums and dissipate their anxiety and restlessness. Also works with yogurt.

Automatic care | Furbo Dog Camera

You can’t be around your dog 24/7. Sometimes you have to work, go to school, or go to bingo parlors. The Furbo Dog Camera helps you keep a remote watch on your dog through your smartphone, with two-way audio and a sensor that issues an alert whenever your dog barks. From time to time, this camera spits out a dog treat to keep Fido nourished when you’re not around. With all the independence this device promotes, it’ll just be a matter of time before your dog gets a job and wants its own apartment.

Search and destroy | SHINYLYL Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Dogs are go-getters. When they know what they want, they’ll pursue it to the ends of the front yard. This “snuffle” mat trains dogs the valuable foraging skills they need to accomplish almost anything. This handy interactive toy also refines your dog’s sense of smell and is machine-washable to boot. Simply stick doggie treats between the felt fronds of this mat and watch your dog hunt for its meal like it’s tracking a serial killer.

Life’s a ball of giggles | Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

This ball will enthrall your dog for hours without your having to get up from the couch. Every time your dog touches, rolls, or swats against this ball, it emits a series of disembodied giggles from deep within its core. These voices tell your dog, “Play with us. Indulge in your nature. We await your interaction.” Theoretically, your dog is unable to resist this seductive beckoning and chases the ball around the premises, getting all the exercise it needs without questioning where the voices are coming from. That, perhaps, is for the best.

Chew on this | Wisedom Dog Toothbrush Toy

Chew toys are invaluable in maintaining a dog’s healthy teeth, but most of them have the personality of a gym sock. This dog toy, though, is an interactive multi-tasker that basically dares your dog to ignore it. The Wisedom toy squeaks like a hysterical TV pundit or aggravated stockbroker, inviting your dog to chew on its torso without let-up. Smear peanut butter or dog toothpaste across its countenance, and the Wisedom becomes an ad-hoc toothbrush your dog won’t even know it’s using. It’s 100% rubber, which means it will not die.

See the light | noxgear LightHound Illuminated and Reflective Harness

When dogs walk the streets at night, they not only have to be visible for safety’s sake: They also need to look like they can enter into an electronic disco and fit in with the crowd. This harness satisfies both those needs. It has multicolored LED lights that keep Spot safe at the end of your leash. These lights also emit pulse-like color changes, giving your dog an exciting and vibrant physical presence in case it finds itself near the set of a Chainsmokers music video.

Catch and release | iFetch Frenzy

This vase-like device brings mankind one step closer to the day when our dogs play fetch by themselves, relieving us of having to throw balls all the time and blowing out our rotator cuffs. Your dog simply deposits a tennis ball through the portal on top of the iFetch Frenzy and waits for the ball to emerge from one of three holes on the bottom. Then your dog scampers after the ball, retrieves it, and brings it back to the device, restarting the fetch cycle over and over again until your dog figures out it’s being had.

Who’s this good boy? | Embark Dog DNA Test

Specially made for those kind souls who adopt dogs from shelters, the Embark Dog DNA Test reveals a considerable amount of particularly useful information about your new canine friend. With a simple sample of your dog’s saliva, the Embark team determines your dog’s breed or mix, screens it for over 190 health conditions, and connects your dog to other subjects with similar genetic makeup. The Embark test is especially useful if your new dog has a million-dollar inheritance it won’t tell you about.

Comfort to remember | Amazon Basics Foam Memory Pet Bed

This plush memory-foam mattress, available in four varied sizes for pets of all kinds, conforms to your dog’s shape and mass for a snug, restful nap that reduces discomfort from stress on its joints. It’s got the same soft top you’ll find in mattresses from the top bed showrooms in the world, and an easily removed canvas bottom for convenient cleaning. Your dog can now enjoy the same breakthrough in sleeping technology that’s saved a thousand human marriages.