10 essential items for cat lovers

Cats inspire a curious amount of love, devotion, and nurturing in their human hosts. We search for ways to pamper, care, and amuse these cats without expecting anything in return. This is good because cats will suck up all that attention and have a laugh at our expense when we’re not looking. But they’re still adorable, and that’s enough to guarantee our devotion. Here are ten gifts that will enhance the feline experience of any cat lover.

Pick of the litter | New Age Pet ecoFLEX Habitat N’ Home Litter Loo

“Cat box” are probably not the first two words you think of when considering what gift to get a cat lover. But hear us out on this one. From a distance, it looks like an end table that handsomely complements any living room. Look more closely, though, and you’ll see that it’s a tricked-out litter box, with easy front-door access, a sealed floor to prevent leaks, and easy clean-up. Do you set your coffee on it? Or do you let your cat do its business inside it? We say: Why not both!

Cube living | Smiling Paws Cat House & Cat Condo for Indoor Cats

Cats are notoriously fussy about where they situate themselves. One of the most burning issues in cat housing is “Open-air or fully enclosed?” With the Smiling Paws cat cube, they’ll never have to choose between the two again. Leave the top part intact, and your cat has a cozy shelter in which to conduct their affairs in relative privacy. Smoosh the top part down, and it becomes an exposed cat lounger, where your feline can bask in the surrounding atmosphere. These living quarters are so fashionable, you’ll want to hire a bellhop.

Can’t stop this flow | Dingqu Lotus Cat Water Fountain

Keep your cat hydrated with this very Zen-like water bowl. This ceramic delivery device filters your cat’s drinking water and keeps it flowing from a top tier into a bottom basin. With a capacity for 1.5 liters of life-giving water, you can fill it to the rim and not worry about replenishing your cat’s supply for almost two weeks. In case your cat doesn’t get the message that this is their new water source, the manufacturer has attached a fish toy to the bottom basin, in faith that your cat will eventually put two and two together.

Laser cats | KeBuLe Cat Toys Interactive Electronic Cat Toy

Want to keep your cat amused without having to take it to a rave every weekend? Have it create its own out-of-control play experience with this innovative electronic entertainment device. The KeBuLe toy shoots laser beams out of its face, projecting moving light onto a wall or floor and driving your cat toward psychotic obsession. It has 5 different modes for flashing speed and shape, and you can even detach it for use as a handheld toy. Your cat will either love you for bringing this into their life or just go on plotting its revenge as usual.

Step inside your cat’s mind | Feline Philosophy: Cats and the Meaning of Life

What can we learn from our cats? What core philosophies and values do cats espouse that parallel our human beliefs? When we play with them, are we really bonding with them, or just enabling the predatory instincts of a clawed maniac? Acclaimed professor John Gray has tousled with these questions at least as much as you, and he pursues the answers in this very entertaining book. For cats with existential crises and their too-empathetic owners, this book’s a must.

Cat-on-fish action | Ontel Flippity Fish Cat Toy

Drive your cat to behavioral extremes with this electronic toy that simulates a fish facing a horrific crossroad in its soon-to-be extinguished life. The Ontel Flippity Fish writhes and struggles like a real fish that somehow escaped its safe cocoon in the deep. While the fish may be none too pleased with its predicament, your cat’s going to pounce on it like a brute and play with it for hours, taunting its vulnerability while staying active, trim, and fit. Try to ignore the obvious metaphors this toy will produce.

Cat spa | Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center

Why not give your cat the same holistic, body-and-soul maintenance your hippie grandparents enjoyed in the ‘60s? The Catit Senses Wellness Center is a virtual health commune that addresses every one of your cat’s physical needs: massage, grooming, cushioned relaxation, and gum stimulation. Its multiple surfaces and components provide a safe ground for your cat to explore its inner nature and take care of its daily needs. Should your cat need persuasion to use this device, there’s also a catnip container.


Mouse wars | Mewoofun Interactive Cat Toys Peek-A-Boo Play

This box has seven holes on the outside. When it’s powered up and running, it randomly thrusts a small fabric segment that sort of looks like a mouse tail out of one of these holes. You can’t predict which hole the tail will emerge from, but more importantly, neither can your cat. When the tail finally comes out, your cat will immediately try to seize it, only to be frustrated when it immediately retracts inside the hole and starts the cycle all over again. This sounds like what we did in our college dorms on Thursday nights.

Chill zone | Feliway Classic Cat Calming Diffuser Kit

This plug-in device issues forth a “facial pheromone” that fills whatever room it’s in. Humans can’t smell this pheromone, but it apparently helps cats calm down. Your cat will become at one with its surrounding environment and feel great tranquility and peace of mind, which in turn means it won’t scratch up your sofa or spray urine everywhere. Now that’s a win-win.

For the cat who has everything | KitNipBox Monthly Cat Subscription Box

Can’t decide what kind of toy to get your cat? Neither can your cat. And if it can, it’s not going to tell you. Let the KitNipBox decide. Every month you’ll get a box full of different treats, toys, and objects that will nourish, amuse, entertain, or perplex your favorite feline, who’ll no doubt want to make a YouTube reveal video the minute it shows up.