10 Great Gifts for Baseball Fans

Baseball is one of the world’s most treasured, wildly popular, and quirkiest sports. Fans of the game are known for their rabid dedication, unquestionable loyalty, and unusually long attention spans. It’s a sport that has spawned a unique culture, meaning it’s created a sub-industry of interesting merchandise. We’ve found ten of the most useful, unusual, entertaining, or simply peculiar gifts for the baseball obsessive in your life. Buy them one of these gifts at discount prices and watch their eyes light up like an over-eager stadium usher.

Breathless board game action | MLB Slammin’ Sluggers Baseball Game

The Slammin’ Sluggers tabletop board game is a hands-on, 9-inning simulation that’s a bit refreshing in this era of video games and electronic gadgets. Recreate an exciting major league contest using the magic of plastic levers, metal balls, and magnets. There’s even some strategy, as crafty players can adjust the metal-ball pitches to look something like curves and fastballs. Includes a manual scoreboard and decorative items for all 30 major-league teams, including cardboard cut-out players that you move around with a switch, just like the pros do.

Just the facts | A Year of Baseball Trivia! Page-a-Day Calendar 2021

Learn something new about America’s pastime every day in 2021. This daily calendar features a new piece of baseball trivia with every turn of the sun. Read about record-breaking performances, player stats, superstitions, classic games, and some of the most curious personalities you’ll encounter in professional sports. It’s like having an old-timer fan sitting behind you at the park spitting out arcane knowledge and statistics while you’re trying to watch the game — every single day of the year.

Stadium tour | Ballparks: A Journey Through the Fields of the Past, Present, and Future

Author Eric Enders takes you on a written, pictorial tour of all the shrines to Major League Baseball erected in the last century-plus. This handsome book takes you from the Green Monster of Fenway, through the casual insults of Yankee Stadium, the hecklers at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park, the out-of-control ivy growth at Wrigley Field, the nonchalant luxury boxes at Dodgers Stadium, and the near monsoon conditions at San Francisco’s erstwhile Candlestick Park.

The inflatable legend | GoSports Inflataman Baseball Toss Challenge

Have you heard the legend of Inflataman? He’s a superhero that doesn’t get his due: an air-filled baseball catcher with a net where his stomach should be. During spring and summer days, you’ll find him stalking the backyards of America, where he helps kids develop their pitching skills by having them throw inflatable balls into his stomach-net. Inflataman is the perfect gift for budding young pitchers or those who just like a friendly throwing contest. But we do wonder about his back story.

Cold streak | Tovolo Baseball Ice Molds

No self-respecting baseball fan should be caught serving drinks with common ice cubes, or worse yet, that formless, dispiriting crushed ice. Show your guests you’re next-level when it comes to frozen water with this set of two ice cube molds in the shape of a baseball. Just fill the base with water, cap it off with the silicon mold, and stick it in the freezer for 4 to 6 hours. When they’re done, you’ll have flawless-looking ice units that look like baseballs, seams, and all. Your friends will gawk hard.

Pitching for points | Franklin Sports Target Indoor Pass Game

Bring the aerodynamic rush of baseball throwing indoors with this hanging target game, which combines basic aiming skills, simple scoring systems, and hurling objects. Suspend the target by a hook from the top of an inside door, gather your family and friends, and start throwing soft, Velcro-reinforced balls at the numbered targets. It’s a fantastic way to harmlessly throw things around the house with an apparent purpose in mind.

Belly up to the bat | WEIMIKE Baseball Bat Whiskey Decanter

This tasteful serving apparatus is a sleek and classy way to express your love of the game, as well as a neat way to hold enough whiskey to drown a minor league scout. This decanter set includes four serving glasses, which is always a good start. It also contains a glass, hollowed-out “bat,” which you can fill with whiskey, vodka, Hi-C, or any spirit you choose. This decanter set also comes with a sturdy wooden base for carrying convenience and All-Star drink holding.

Practice with power | Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine

This electronic gizmo is perfect for kids learning how to hit baseballs but don’t have access to a major league hitting coach. It’s a corkscrew-shaped pitching machine with a capacity for six aero-strike balls (don’t use it with real baseballs), which gently descend a slide one by one toward an ejector module. This mechanism then issues forth a single ”baseball,” which the young player then attempts to hit, waits a while, then moves on to the next ball as the vicious cycle starts all over again.

Light up the game | Mirror Magic Store Personalized Baseball LED Night Light

This neon display is powered with either batteries or a USB plug and comes in all 30 Major League Baseball teams’ styles and colors. You can also personalize each one with the gift recipient’s name or an inspirational message etched across the top. It also comes with a remote control for changing colors. It’s a stunning LED nightlight for kids and adults who love baseball but don’t trust the mysterious and diabolical shadows of “pitch” darkness.

A drinking slug-fest | Engraved Signature Dugout Mugs

Dugout Mugs are some of our favorite drink delivery systems of all time. They’re fashioned from baseball bats that have been hollowed out, sanded down, shaped smooth, and individually etched. Each wooden mug holds 12 ounces of the liquid you prefer. The outside is adorned with the signature of a baseball legend (Nolan Ryan, Cal Ripken, Randy Johnson, and many others). It makes for an instant conversation item. Hands down, it’s the best way to drink beverages out of a baseball bat without getting your hands covered in pine tar.