Announcing the Shopping Chatbot to Help You Save Time and Money this Holiday Season

Today, we are excited to announced the launch of the Facebook Chatbot as well as the Chrome Browser extension. By analyzing billions of data points, the Chatbot and Browser Extension give you purchasing confidence and deliver the best shopping alternatives in time for Black Friday and the busy holiday shopping season.

The Chatbot allows you to simply copy and paste a product page URL from a retail website into the Chatbot within Facebook Messenger. The Chatbot then quickly responds, with real-time results that aggregate multiple, item-level factors that go into a purchasing decision, including the best prices, used good options, generic products, coupon codes and even similar product recommendations.  Here is a quick demo video on how it works.

Based on price history, the Chatbot also provides you with a recommendation on whether to purchase the product at today’s best shown price or wait for prices to potentially drop.

At launch, the Chatbot is optimized to help you save money using Amazon, Target or Walmart URLs. Numerous other shopping URLs will work today, and we are adding more retailers and products on a weekly basis!  

We are also beta testing a feature that allows you to message us the name of a product or store, and we will respond with all the best deals for you to browse.

Accompanying the launch of the Chatbot, you can also now download the our Chrome Extension, which offers visual search with image recognition to make all images shoppable. The Browser Extension provides a seamless shopping experience that enables you to shop your favorite websites while seeing all the shopping options in one place.

The Chatbot is available through Facebook Messenger.

The Extension is available through the Google Chrome Store.